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Malaysia Airlines and Others Wish Perception Didn’t Trump Reality

Can Proactive PR, Laced with Psychology, Help the Aviation Industry? By Scott Sobel, MA Media Psychology and Danielle Blevins, Esq. Emotional reaction to the latest Malaysia Airlines tragedy is destroying the airline’s business and certainly is affecting all other commercial flight. And even before the public had time to digest this tragedy, other plane disasters […]

Scott Sobel Quoted in Article

Media & Communications Strategies, Inc. President Scott Sobel was quoted in an article entitled “How to Handle a Scandal”- How to handle a scandal Crisis triage easier when the brand is strong to begin with, experts say   By Liz Skinner Jun 13, 2014 With controversies involving personal conduct toppling more than one financial […]

Kate Connors Quoted in Article

Senior Media & Communications Strategies team member Kate Connors was quoted in an article entitled “4 Things Game of Thrones Can Teach You About Business”. From The hit HBO show “Game of Thrones,” which has fans enthralled over the fight for the Iron Throne, averages 14.2 million viewers per episode, and has been lauded […]

Web Sites, Social Media Aren't The Only Advisor Marketing Tools

Financial services firms have few tools to market products and services to potential clients. There is the Web site. All relevant information can be provided there, but how should it be disseminate it to get any interest from potential clients? The mission statements, the products and services menu, the bios, and media mentions can come […]