Crisis Communication & Management: Many organizations don’t think of putting together a crisis communications plan until it is too late. It is ineffective to manage a crisis when you are right in the middle of a bad situation. And trying to build last minute news media or government relationships during a crisis is generally not credible. Dare to think ahead. We have worked with law firms, corporations and individuals of various sizes and backgrounds through some of the most high profile crises locally, nationally and internationally. From aircraft accidents to representing the Catholic Church, from congressional testimony to bank and financial crisis. We can make a powerful difference for you too.

Media Relations: Who is making the news in your market? Ideally, it’s good news and you are the subject of that positive coverage. If not, we have an award-winning track record for getting clients into the news or keeping them out of the news.

Government Relations: Our communications expertise and strategic location in the nation’s capital means we can also tell your best story to governments of all shapes and sizes.

Legal Public Relations: At any point in time you will find us supporting some of the largest law firms in the legal industry or outstanding boutique law firms with niche practice areas.

Aviation Communications: For understandable reasons, the aviation industry is a heavily regulated and scrutinized one. In this space, we have taken great pleasure in working with some of the industry’s biggest names and promoting their aviation products.

Corporate Communications: How dynamic are your primary corporate messages, themes, mission statements? Are your messages simple yet compelling enough to resonate with both your internal and external stakeholders?

Healthcare Public Relations: Our work in healthcare ranges from handling public relations for regional hospitals, naturopathic doctors, a remote healthcare monitoring company to a major healthcare finance corporation.

Search Engine & SEO Strategies: High quality content is the key to unlocking the search results you need to get your name into or out of the news. Our highly skilled team can create and promote the content that you need to compete for prime search engine results. 

Video Production: If a picture is worth a thousand words a finely crafted video story with complimentary text and the most effective interviews can be priceless.

Website Content Development: Top of mind for us when we create content for clients’ websites is how we can use the medium to better tell their stories

International Business and Trade Missions: When the 1,800 -member American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt needed assistance with business development on behalf of a member company looking to develop business in the U.S., the Chamber tapped MAC Strategies