Critical Public Relations

We are problem solvers and catalysts using all communications tools to achieve outstanding results for clients and their missions. We prevent problems and react immediately when crisis hits. Call us and we are there swiftly.

We are decisive. You will get thoughtful and direct counsel from us. Maybe our counsel is not what you want to hear but it is what you should hear. That said, once a decision is made we will support a client’s wishes and fight to the end for that client’s mission. We will identify goals together and connect the communications dots to reach those goals for the client.

MAC Strategies has an international reputation for providing insightful strategic communications counsel for the most sensitive and high profile issues or for external or internal communications needs. We are a client’s advocate or advocate for a client’s message.  Let us turn-up the volume by identifying the best spokesperson or communications tool to reach a desired audience. Our counsel provides a structure to create the most compelling messages delivered through social or mainstream media, via video or events, even through the creation of buzz using grass roots or grass tops lobbying strategies.

Our core team is based in Washington, DC and operates as a closely-knit group completely focused on client’s needs. We provide solutions through experience and common sense. Our experience includes attracting audiences and customers to products or places – getting clients in the news or getting them out of the news – creating like-minded action groups, creating consensus to advocate positions with more strength.

Our own core team strength is leveraged through senior practice partners with a wealth of complimentary knowledge and by our intimate relationship with nearly forty award-winning PR boutiques placed across America and the world.  Our membership as a leader in the Public Relations Boutiques International Association ( benefits our clients by giving them access to other senior counselors. All of this PR firepower comes with boutique agency pricing and personal attention.

We are award winners. Media & Communications Strategies and team members have won: (Public Relations) Bulldog Reporter Gold Crisis Agency of the Year, the Washington, Public Relations Society Association DC Capital Regions’ Thoth Award for Crisis Agency of the Year, PR News Crisis Agency of the Year, International Association of Business Communicators Crisis Agency of the Year, multiple Hermes Crisis Communication’s awards, Multiple National Cable Television Association Beacon Awards for Community Relations, and multiple other awards. (Journalism) multiple Emmy’s for breaking news, live coverage and special event coverage, multiple Associated Press awards, and multiple other Florida and Colorado news coverage and community service awards.

We have represented an eclectic list of Fortune level corporations, CEO’s, law firms and their clients, large psychological, aviation and higher education associations, US Chambers of Commerce, politicians, law schools and other institutions of higher education, international church orders, banks, the US Chamber of Commerce in Egypt among many other types of representative clients such as multi-national and Japanese-based manufacturers and trading corporations, technology, minority-based business and health care clients. We are the Agency-of-Record for the Indian National Bar and on retainer for the DC Bar. Additionally, our representation of clients regularly involves trade show, SEO and web site strategies and support.

In public, government and media relations, our expertise and connections are broad and deep. We understand how to combine client success stories, superior technology, and current news and national trends into the package that entices media coverage in the industry trade publications, in national media, and in local markets from coast to coast. We have consulted for a mayoral and congressional campaign and, as journalists, covered innumerable national, state and local politics. In public affairs and government relations, we have decades of experience in articulating and promoting public issues, swaying public opinion, and forging the connections that make business happen in the public and private sectors. You can regularly find us working with Congress on behalf of clients, and have created and support an annual national S.T.E.M mentorship event that has reached more than fifteen thousand students. We are particularly adept at understanding how local issues can be used as examples of much larger national concerns.  

Finally, our team brings to you far more than the typical PR firm. Our skill sets encompass the full range of marketing, online, digital, e-Learning, and video production services that will make your business development initiatives move ahead rapidly and successfully. We have been spokespersons for clients in front of the news media and for various political and educational events.