Media & Communications Strategies, Inc.’s work for associations handles everything from the most sensitive bylaw and board issues to day-to-day communications. Our staff members have extensive experience with both internal and external services and deliverables for associations. We have guided our clients through crisis scenarios, positioned them strategically in media interviews with trusted contacts, and helped them increase membership with their organizations.

We operate as a very horizontal agency; every member of our agency is involved with a client and national Practice Partners are engaged as part of our Best-Team-For-The-Job philosophy. In this way, we bring you senior consultants with years of experience and complimentary resources.

Types of Work We Can Do For Your Association

  • Media Engagement: We can pitch your story to the top media to get interviews, editorial boards, on background interviews, meetings, and introductions. We can also time our outreach around movement of key legislation, issue votes, hearings, survey research, campaign initiatives, annual conventions, editorial calendars, and important anniversaries that are relevant to your association.
  • Audit of Internal and External Communications: We will use our experience to expand your internal communications structure. The organization and legal vetting of messages needs to be streamlined. You can work with us to formulate various issue scenarios. Messages, actions, and pre-approvals will be scripted so everyone will know what to do should an event or issue arise.
  • Implementation of Ambassadors Program: We can develop classic Ambassador's models to help with management communication and member empowerment. We have successfully implemented this concept with other types of PR clients and associations since 1997.
  • Media Training: We will train and counsel your organizations leaders in interview, messaging, and presentation techniques. Media & Communications Strategies’ has worked with association’s leaders and a very long list of spokespersons over the years including U.S. congresspersons, the head of a national political party, Fortune level CEO’s, senior attorneys, celebrities, multi-national corporate executives, university dean’s and professors and many more.
  • Video Production: If you decide to have us create a video(s), we will decide on the messaging and individuals that best showcase your association. Our video production teams showcase the talents of TV network cameramen, producers and editors at the most reasonable prices. We produce for web sites, social media, events … any kind of target audience.

Relevant Clients

  • The Common Application
  • California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT)
  • Barrington Irving Mentorship Program
  • National Business Aviation Association
  • American Assocation of Marriage and Family Counselors
  • MU-2 Aircraft Owners and Operators Association