Repair and Rebuild Your Reputation Stronger After a Crisis. Better Yet, Prevent or Prepare for Crisis.

Your Goals: Repair a business or personal reputation after attacks in public, in the news or online. Or, create a crisis plan that prepares your organizations for a crisis or positions you to prevent a crisis.

Our Actions: We spring into action immediately after being reached and use all of our resources or contacts to stop the attacks or stop the attacks from getting worse. We are there for you during those crucial first minutes of crisis and long-term – 24/7. Or, we work on a festering problem that wasn’t prevented or addressed immediately. We become your partner and bond with you as a team. We are bulldogs on a mission for our clients.

More organizations are recognizing the necessity for a crisis plan to be in place. We work closely with clients to: 1. Create plans that investigate risk and crisis scenarios, 2. Prepare clients for crisis with messaging and media training, 3. Develope positive stories that will help you prevent or mitigate a crisis.

As former journalists we know how to work with the news media to talk them out of unfair stories and talk them into balanced reporting or even good stories about you. We used scientifically proven media psychology methods which, when coupled with our experience and common sense, provide the best models to persuade small or mass audiences.

As business advisors our primary purpose is to take action that will protect or help you rebuild your business while working with your lawyers and other advisors. We are no strangers to the courtroom or the boardroom. We are thinking “business development” at the same time we are mitigating your crisis.

As corporate and legal communications experts we know the hot buttons for business concerns and criminal or white collar legal procedures. We have gotten extraordinary results for a vast range of clients including:

Iconic corporations - CEO’s – Associations – Nations – Health care concerns – Physicians – Financial managers – Food-related businesses – Manufacturers – Law firms – law schools – Church leadership (Catholic, Baptist) – Politicians (local, state, federal) – Journalists – Architects – Aviators – Train and people over manufactures – US military … many more.

Get Found or Get Lost: Our web experts can make it easier for search engines like Google to find you. Our world-famous Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media teams push up good stories about you and push down the bad ones. We will craft those good stories, create events, train you to be better communicators for interviews or testimony, leverage Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and be long-sighted in how to rebuild business while, for instance, supporting legal and political strategies.

We are: Media & Communications Strategies, Inc. Our seasoned and cool-headed professionals and Practice Partners represent the whole package to help you prevent crisis, stemming from a critical event, or rebound from legal, online or public attacks on your reputation. We are the experts who know the web and how it works and we know the media, legal system, government and business and how they work. More importantly we know how all of these elements work together and how they can be used in harmony to work for you.

You will not find a more senior and battle seasoned team to handle a crisis attacking your credibility, freedom and ability to do business. We turn a mess into the right message – our efforts are cathartic for positive change in your organization and refocusing you on success through external and internal communications.

You will: Be able to reach us 24/7. If you have interest in these services you must need a problem solved or a plan created.